Ten Tips for Exam Success!!!

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Select a productive study location
Choose an area free from distractions (roommates, television, computer).
Suggestions: library, study lounge, student center, coffee shop

Prepare in advance
Use a day planner and designate specific times to accomplish specific tasks.
Avoid “cramming”

Analyze your old exam results
Consider what types of questions you missed (multiple choice, short answer, matching, etc.).
Where did the exam questions come from (textbook, lecture, study aid)?

Decide on and adopt the study strategies that work best for you
Keep in mind that different types of exams/classes will require you to use different study strategies.

Practice what will be required of you on the exam
If your exam is problem based, work on problems (it does little good to just read your math book).
If your exam is all essay, spend some time considering what topics will likely be covered andmake a brief outline.

Be assertive in seeking assistance
Utilize office hours

Stay relaxed and confident

Remind yourself that you are well-prepared and are going to do well.
Choose a good spot to take the exam (enough room to work, away from any distractions).
Don’t talk to other students before the exam; anxiety is contagious.

When writing an essay exam, get right to the point:

State your main point in the first sentence.

Use the first paragraph to provide an overview of your essay.
Use the rest of your essay to discuss supporting points in detail.

Back your points up with specific information and examples from readings and lecture.

Leave time to review your exam

Make sure you have answered all of the questions.
Proofread your writing for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Check your math answers for careless mistakes.

Reward yourself after the exam
Take some time to do something you like to do (read a magazine, exercise, see a movie).

Once the exam is over, do not dwell on past mistakes or immediately start studying for your next exam.